Groundhog Day hardships as Punxatawny Phil predicts six more weeks of winter (yet upstart Staten Island Hurl says spring is here)

Determining legend: Groundhog Club handler John Griffiths, left, holds up Punxsutawney Phil in 2017, the climate anticipating groundhog, amid the 126th festival of Groundhog Day on Gobbler's Handle in Punxsutawney, Dad. Thursday

In an answer of did the groundhog see its shadow in 2017, Jeremy said; 100 circumstances and hasn't seen it only 16 times since 1886, as per the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's Internal Circle, which runs the occasion. There are no records of that really did the groundhog see his shadow in 2017 and, neither for the rest of the years.  Checkout happy groundhog day images

Jimmy Hunt in 2017

Dinner & Spirits
In 1749 John Sayre built the original structure that is known today as Jimmy's Restaurant and Nightclub. Morristown was then but a small stagecoach stop with a more important purpose to come. The Father of our country was to winter his troops here in Revolutionary times to be near the local ironworks and powder mill. Alexander Hamilton proposed marriage to his beloved Elizabeth in what was later known as the Tap Room. And in the 1780s the Morris County Militia threw back the Hessians and New Jersey rested and recuperated from the vestiges of war.
On May 11, 1833 a macabre event took place in this prosperous town which would affect its people for time and eternity. The well-to-do owner of the John Sayre house, Judge Samuel Sayre, his wife Sarah and maid Phoebe were bludgeoned to death by a crazed hired hand who had recently arrived in America from France. Antoine Le Blanc traveled to the New World to make his fortune and thereby marry his love, Marie Smicht, who was waiting back in Germany. Unfortunately, the arrangement paid him in board, not wages and the fact that as a foreigner of proud birth he found himself taking orders not only from Sayre, but from Phoebe, did little to preserve his dignity. He was ensconced in a cramped basement room of the Sayre house and fortunes seemed as far away as his betrothed. The trial began on August 13th and though the accused man had not yet confessed, the court overruled the defense's objection that fairness would be compromised by the public's anger, and peppered the proceedings with high moral tones. The jury took twenty minutes to find Le Blanc guilty and Judge Gabriel Ford summarily scheduled the hanging. On September 6th, Le Blanc took his final steps toward a noose on the Green amidst a jeering mob of 10,000 in this community of 2,700. His body twitched for two minutes only to be spirited back across the street to the courtroom where doctors Joseph Henry and Isaac Canfield were waiting. They attempted to prove the theory of "Animal electricity", the belief that motor coordination was governed by electrical currents by hooking the corpse up to galvanic batteries. They managed to get its eyes to roll backward and its limbs to tense, but did little else to advance their scholarship. The surgeons then pared off Le Blanc's skin and sent swaths to the Atno Tannery on Washington Street, where " charming little keepsakes" as the Jerseyman called them were made. Sheriff George Ludlow personally signed each one to prove its authenticity. The skin souvenirs found their way into many homes where some remain to this day.
For years the Sayre house was used as a private home by the late Alderman James Lidgerwood, and the scene of many civic and political functions. During this period, another tragedy took place in the famous home. One of the inhabitants committed suicide for no apparent reason. In 1946 a gentleman named Edward Winchester purchased the property for the purpose of establishing it as Winchester's Turnpike Inn, adding a restaurant and tap room onto the original structure. The building celebrated its 200th anniversary as the popular roadside stop. But on October 25, 1957 a mysterious fire erupted only hours after a stage was constructed for the following day's arrival of a popular nightclub act. Although the fire was not located near the telephones, distress calls could not be placed. The lines were dead! A firebox alarm finally sounded summoning firemen from six communities. The stubborn blaze kept firemen working most of the night and injured 25 men on that fateful day.

Mr. William McClausand purchased the building in 1960, converted the upstairs rooms into banquet facilities and renamed it the Wedgewood Inn. However, a mysterious change also took place in the then new Hamilton Room. Regardless of the owner's attempts to control the temperature, the room in which Phoebe was murdered, winter or summer, retained an eerie chill, extinguished candles would amazingly relight, lights dimmed and an ethereal presence could be felt by many of its guests. In 1980 a group of professionals purchased the Inn and in 1981 opened Society Hill. Phoebe's silent hand was still at work, for the doors which were to open under the new name on May 11th were delayed by numerous mishaps on this anniversary date of the Sayre deaths. The management scoffed at the notion of Phoebe's presence until the eve of a special Grand Opening Party when a filled punchbowl resting on a laden banquet table suddenly exploded! Through numerous reincarnations and renovations during the last decade which include South Street, Argyles All American Restaurant and Bar, and yes, even Phoebe's Restaurant, Dance Club & Pub, this historic site continues to intrigue, amaze and entertain.
The Sayre house, now Jimmy's Restaurant and Nightclub survives at 217 South Street along with the resident spirit said to be Phoebe herself. Stories of self-opening doors, swinging chandeliers, a whispered call, misplaced items later found in a conspicuous location, and sounds of a crowd complete with music and laughter in the deserted building during the wee hours of the morning, are but a few of the mischievous goings on.
As Jimmy's enters the year 2002, Expect more of the unexpected here. Ongoing renovations will ensure a most memorable experience. Come let us all eat and drink to these history filled walls. You never know who may be joining you!