Best Hair conditioning Tips For Flat Iron Users

Excessive use of any thing has always potential to harm more than benefit. Same goes for hair straightening, use of flat irons or any other hair styling tools does hurt but they can be dangerous for hair because of heat in case of regular use. To maintain hair health and nourishment doctors recommend various herbal remedies and home tips to avoid possible hair dryness and damage because of use flat irons.

Importance of hair conditioning

- Beautiful hair grows on beautiful scalp and if it is kept clean and normal balances are maintained it performs its functions well. Hair Conditioning is the process of giving the hair a more intense kind of nourishing treatment. Hair conditioning also helps prevent dryness and hair damage that can happen even by the proper use of Paul Mitchell hair straighteners which are supposed to be the best flat irons available in the market.

Hair conditioning is an important step of proper hair care regimen and all types of hair have to be conditioned to keep it shiny and flexible. Another important for hair conditioning is that it is one of the most important step for dry hair care because it helps moisturize the dry hair. For oily hair, use conditioner only on the ends of your hair. Try to choose conditioner according to your hair type like if your hair type is dry then select moisturizing or intensive conditioner. If you are with oily hair then choose oil free conditioner and for damaged hair try to go for protein based conditioner. Here are some tips for proper hair conditioning:

Hair conditioning Tips For Flat Iron Users

Hair conditioning tips

- After shampooing your hair, comb the hair with the fingers or with wide toothed comb from the roots to the ends gently. Remove tangles. 

- Apply little conditioner and rub the conditioner through the hair with the fingers. Avoid rubbing your hair. 

- Leave it for at least five minutes to work. 

- Gently massage the hair in order to loosen the conditioner. 

- Rinse the hair and remove all traces of conditioner.